Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. A state issued license is required in Texas.

No. Texas Roots will obtain all necessary permits and have all the utilities located for you. This is all included in your bid price.

All systems vary according to size. On average, a system can be installed in one day with up to three additional business days required for the city inspection and to have the system covered up.

We service all of Bexar County and portions of the immediate surrounding counties: Wilson, Guadalupe, Comal, Kendall, Atascosa, Medina.

A rain sensor device collects data used by the system to determine if watering is needed on the set day based on current weather conditions. It is now required by city and state agencies for every system to have a rain sensor and one will be installed with your system.

An irrigation system provides more efficient water usage when compared to hand watering or the use of hose-end sprinklers. Changes in your bill will depend on your current watering habits and needs.

No. When properly installed, the spray heads are flush to the ground level to prevent damage from lawn mowers.

Several factors can contribute to dry spots. Poor irrigation design, under watering in hot areas that receive more sun, improper spray head adjustment are just a few. We guarantee 100% coverage in all irrigated areas to prevent this problem.

A backflow prevention device is a valve designed to prevent the backward flow of water into the city’s main water line and therefore prevent possible contamination of the city’s water supply. By state law, all irrigation systems are required to have a backflow prevention device installed and one will be included with your system. The type of device will depend on your local city requirement. It is also mandatory that you have the device tested annually by a licensed backflow tester.

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